Jasmine and an adorable pair of crochet mittens. Love love love them Jasmine!


Lace queen herself! Kelly showing off this gorgeous shawl made only in a week! Stunning!


Donna and Lorraine show off their completed cowls from Kelly's lace cowl workshop a few weeks ago. Lovely work ladies!


Libby has taken a break from making all those Man Hat's to create this stunning piece for her daughter. Knit using Remix from Berroco this hat is sure to please! Great job Libby!


Nickle and Alex the dynamic duo! Nickle is modeling the beautiful Christmas present from mom Alex from last year. A stunning shawl made from 100% alpaca. Beautiful ladies!


Mary-Anne has been wanting to spin since she was 12 years old. Here she is with her very first handspun! Using a very beautiful merino fibre and her handy drop spindle, Mary-Anne created this beautiful bulky weight yarn. Great job Mary-Anne, keep it up!


Darlene and her amazing felted hat. She knit this on large needles using Fleece Artist Slubby Blue with Lamb's Pride Bulky thrown in every couple of rows. She topped it off (no pun intended) with a strand of mohair throughout and felted it down to created this simply stunning hat. Superb Dalene!


Mary stopped in to show us this great picture of her grand daughter, Evelyn, wearing the sweater Mary made for her. Striping two colour of Spud and Chloe Sweater, Mary whipped this project up in no time. Evelyn is one lucky girl!


Alex and a fantastic pair of tube socks made using Fleece Artist Shiba! There will be no cold toesies this Christmas!
Another beautiful piece by Alex. Baby leggings that can grow with the baby. Super long ribbing at the top and bottom allow these leggings to fit a number of ages. Great job!


Audrey decided to tackle the Kitchen Sink hat for her daughter Sarah. Here they are with the finished hat. Looks great guys! 


Julie and a gorgeous pair of socks for herself knit using Tosh Sock. Stunning Julie!


Dagmar had created many amazing, interesting things, but I don't think anyone was quite expecting this when she said she was knitting a hat for her husband! Dagmar did not use a pattern for this, rather follow her own viking instincts and produced this very fun hat. Great job Dagmar!


Kelly and her Lace Cowl Ladies! Here are three of the six that took her workshop last Saturday sporting their finished cowls. Looking great gals!


Another beautiful creation by Jan! She used two strands of River Road Wool (from the sheep here on the farm!) held together to create this amazing, wrap-you-up-in-goodness shawl. Lovely Jan!



Libby's "Man Hat's" just keep on coming! Two more beautiful pieces. Lovely!


Phyllis brought in this beautiful shawl last Thursday to knit group. Knit with one strand of silk and one strand of mohair held together, this piece is a real gem. Great job Phyliis!


Sandy and her beautiful hand spun yarn! Sandy used two single ply purples together to create this purple-tastic creation. Love it Sandy!


Susan has been busy knitting up Lucy Neatby's new hat pattern! This double layered hat can be worn with either side facing out. Knit using two worsted weights these are great Christmas presents. Great job Sus


Jan whipped off another pair of great socks. Subtle stripes complement the pattern down the leg and top of the foot. Wonderful Jan!


Jennifer took part in one our felting workshops with Marilyn Rand and she can't stop! Here she is with a gorgeous wall hanging she made by wet felting hand dyed bfl for the background and then needle felting on hand dyed kid mohair for the finger maze. Love it Jennifer!


Sherri's lovely Christmas present for her eldest daughter. Slippers with the sheep skin bottoms. Coziest present ever! Love them Sherri!


Dagmar jumped on the Habu bandwagon and tried out their Tsumugi silk. She knit a very gorgeous lace scarf with beautiful details at both ends. Wonderful job Dagmar!


Lacey is getting her Christmas knitting started and first up was this great hat for her father. Made using Ultra Alpaca and a pattern from Purl Bee's website Lacey cracked this out in just about a week. Great job!


Susan's beautiful fingerless mitts. She spun mohair and silk fibre into a luxurious yarn and then knit these Old Shell (pronounced "Shale") gloves. Beautiful work!


Mary stopped in today to show us her felted bunny! This little critter was a team effort as Mary knit and felted the bunny, while her friend Joan embroidered the eyes and nose. Mary's niece Savannah will claim ownership on this project and she is one lucky little girl! Thanks for sharing Mary.


We met Sheila at the Twist Fibre Festival and she fell in love with Perl Grey's pattern Hazel. Here is her own completed piece in a gorgeous semi solid. Wonderful job Sheila!


Libby and another Man Hat. The colours slowly turn throughout the hat in a wonderful pattern. Great job Libby! We love it.


The Knitting Groups have had a busy last few months and have been churning out amazing piece after amazing piece. You are all truly an inspiration!
First up is Jan and her beautiful lace shawls. The left is made with Rowan Kidsilk Haze and is light as air. The right is made with Fibre Isle's Kami Bison. Amazing Jan!
Next is Libby with her cotton baby cardigan. Knit with an empire waist, this piece has a classic style and is sure to be a keepsake for many years to come. Love it Libby!
Donna had her wheel spinning this summer and had enough to create this gorgeous shawl. The cream colour brings forth pictures of beautiful sheep frolicking through the pastures. Even Caprice the llama loves it. Great job Donna!
Katrin has completed another beautiful sweater. Knit with Berroco Blackstone Tweed, this pullover is comfy and cozy with merino, mohair and angora all mixed in. 
Kelly adds another shawl to her completed pieces pile. A very fine weight yarn with a solid colour border, this shawl is truly amazing. 
Dagmar's mother came to visit and the two of them were knitting (and felting!) up a storm. Among their projects were a few of these amazing felted baskets. Knit and then washed to create a dense material,with sticks added in for handles, these baskets are the perfect addition to any household. Great job! 
JoAnne welcomed a new addition to her family this fall with baby Ezra. Here are a few pieces she made for her. Top is a variation on the pumpkin hat, and the cardigan is Baby Sophisticate, a free top down cardigan pattern that is a fun quick knit. Congratulations JoAnne!
Jan finished up this cardigan for her mother. A simple stitch pattern made it a quick knit. Here she models it for us. Thanks Jan, looks great!
Donna and her very first pair of socks! She knit these using Sausalito from Crystal Palace Yarns, a beautiful machine wash merino and nylon blend. Fantastic Donna! Keep them coming!
Here is Diana and her completed Gunnerside sweater from Rowan's Purelife British Sheep Breeds Collection. Diana used Lambs Pride Bulky and knit it up in no time at all. Looks perfect Diana.
Everyone was watching Julie like a hawk as she created this beautiful piece. Using Skif's Cotton Tape (think thin, flat yarn), Julie knit this dress in what seemed like no time at all and it suits her perfectly. Wonderful job Julie!
This Thursday afternoon the ladies were on a finishing spree. From left to right we have JoAnne and Jan with both beautiful shawls, Karen and her pair of socks and Naomi with a cute little owl baby sack. Looking good ladies!
Patty came in to show us her completed Rowan Kidsilk Creation. She knit a few rows every night and before she knew it voila! Great job Patty!
Libby was a summer resident here in the valley from Ontario. She was a great addition to our group and we miss her now that she has gone back home. Her she is with her completed shrug using Berroco Remix. Looks lovely Libby! Hurry back. 
Garth was taught to spin this summer but found his true calling with needle felting. Here is his revamped t-shirt with a beautiful autumn scene. Great job Garth. 
Su took part in our Tempest Knit Along led by Naomi and here she is with her completed Tempest! Knit with Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 this cardigan is a lightweight cozy piece. Wonderful Su! 
Megan has been knitting up a storm these last few months and even had a knit present for her mom when she came to visit! Jane Richmond's Oatmeal Pullover made with Lambs Pride Bulky fit her like a glove. Megan is wearing a slouch hat made using Fleece Artist wool. Keep it up Meg!
And last but definitely not least are Naomi and Heather. Naomi is modeling her Daybreak shawl knit with Fleece Artist Seawool and Handmaiden Camelspin. Absolutely beautiful Naomi. Heather is wearing her first ever knitting project! A lovely moss stitch scarf. We are sorry to see Naomi off as she has moved back to Ontario, but it was a pleasure having you while we did! Be sure to visit!


David gave everyone a treat at Tuesday night knit group by brining a fantastic Flan to share! It did not last long as we were all happy to try it! Superb David!


The ladies of FibrEnsemble completed their Felted Leaf Scarves workshops this weekend and everyone had a GORGEOUS scarf at the end. Here are the participants of the Saturday course. Stunning pieces ladies!
Here are the participants of the Sunday course. Beautiful scarves ladies! Love the colours. Thanks Elaine and Louise for such a great weekend!


At her knit group in Halifax, Sue became the owner of a bag full of balls of leftover sock yarn. Sue being the clever knitter she is decided to use them all together to make this Linen Stitch Scarf Patter by Churchmouse. This pattern is wonderful to mix and match yarns with. Everyone at knit group on Tuesday couldn't help but taking a closer look at this beautiful piece. Lovely job Su


The fibre folk of Tuesdays and Thursdays have been busy this season. Here is a sampling of what they accomplished in the last month:
Dagmar has completed another shawl – perfect to throw around yourself when the sun goes down and you start to get a little chilly.
Keeping with the shawl theme Marilyn shows off her finished shawl as well. Looking great Marilyn!
JoAnne has finished her "stupid" sweater. She has lovingly named it this after reaching her patience limit with it. This project was worth the effort and time, it looks fabulous! Great job JoAnne. 
Her is Jan with another home spun creation. She used her loom to create this beautiful shawl from her beautiful hand spun yarn. Lovely!
Just in time for summer and the warm weather, Julie completed this great skirt. Knit with an elastic yarn, it's sure to help keep her cool. 
Trish participated in the beginners knitting course a few months ago, and here she is with one her many dish cloths. Wonderful!
Naomi cast off on her top down sweater that mixes one variegated wool with one solid. Love the colours Naomi – looks great.
Su has finished her cotton cardigan. Using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Su added beads to give it that extra sparkle. It's the perfect colour to match the roses outside the shop. Nicely done Su!


Dawn's beautiful silk and wool camisole. She added a nice blue i-cord to help with the empire waist effect. Beautiful Dawn!


Kelly and her jaw dropping shawl. This piece is stunning – knit with Fleece Artist Saldanah Two, the soft pink and white tones just compliment the lace pattern perfectly. Amazing job Kelly! You are a lace maniac!


Pat's gorgeous cable hat knit using Royal Alpaca. This piece is so soft you just want to cuddle up with it. Great job Pat!


Rose and her stunning Annabella's cowl! Rose knit her cowl with a solid colour of Be Sweet Bamboo but also held a strand of Rowan Kidsilk Stripe with it so there is a nice subtle colour change throughout it. Great job Rose!


On May the 28th, these women, under the instruction of Marilyn Rand, wet felted their hearts out. At any given moment throughout the day, one could look into the back room and see fibre flying everywhere. Tea cozies, and cobweb scarves were the finished items, and here they are with their projects. Everyone at the shop had a great time seeing these things come to life and hope all the participants enjoyed themselves as well! Felt on!




Back Row: (l-r) Anita, Liz, Melanie, Marilyn (instructor), Hilary & Georgia. Front Row (l-r): Mary, Kate and Diana


Julie and her beautiful bamboo tank. This piece is cool to the tough and drapes like a dream. Great job Julie! We're sure it will be a staple piece for the summer!


Naomi and her crochet scarf. Crocheted lengthwise using all sorts of different wools. This project is a winner every time. Did we mention Naomi did this with a broken wrist? You go girl!


Dawn and her beautiful cardigan made from Lanica from Fleece Artist. Stunning Dawn!


A kimono style cardigan knit in Lambs Pride Superwash and a perfect hat to top it off made using MillaMia. Lovely Nancy!


Sandy is getting Christmas all wrapped up! Here are a pair of lovely fingerless mitts made for her son Max. Sandy knit these up using Rowan Fine Tweed. Love them Sandy!


Suzanne unveiled this gorgeous shawl on Thursday afternoon. She used Fleece Artist Saldanha and added beads to give it that extra sparkler. Wonderful job Suzanne!


Kelly and her Gregale from Norah Gaughan's booklet #10. Made with Sylvan Spirit from Green Mountain Spinnery (wool and tencel) this piece was perfect for those summer preview days we had. Great job Kelly!


JoAnne and her amazing quilt! Made for her sister with pictures of all the things she loves. Fantastic JoAnne!


David and another of his beautiful lengthwise scarves! David use three colours of Lamb's Pride Bulky and a long circular needle to create this piece. Great job David!


Donna and her stunning Tempest Cardigan. Donna knit this piece using all of her own hand spun yarn. We love it Donna. Great job!


Ina was back in and boy has she been busy! A beautiful blue sweater knit with Lamb's Pride Worsted, La La's shawl made with a beautiful Hand Maiden skein and a wonderful pair of socks made with the leftovers of a self striping yarn and a solid yarn to match. Beautiful work Ina!


Here is Dagmar with her completed "Sweet Jazz" shawl. A very beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing Dagmar. 


Darmar and her beautiful lace shawlette. With the main colour of eye catching pink, the blues, greens and other colours thrown in make this piece just stunning! Love it Dagmar!


Dawn and her alpaca shrug. Knit using two strands of Frog Tree Alpaca sport, this little piece is great this time of year when the weather is warmer but still not hot.


Kathy and her husband Phil are spending another beautiful summer up here in the valley. Kathy keeps busy by knitting for her loved ones. Here she is with a slouchy hat for her grandson made with Noro Silk Garden. Great job Kathy!


Diana and her beautiful top knit with Queen Anne's Lace. Diana made her pattern up as she went and this piece was the result! A stunning addition to her all black ensemble. Lovely work Diana!


Libby and her gorgeous Man Hat knit using one skein of Fleece Artist Big Blue. A quick, beautiful Christmas present. Great job Libby!


Jane decided to knit herself a sweater for next winter. She chose a top down Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, and used two strands of Lambs Pride Bulky held together. This sweater knit up in no time as the yarn was super bulky, and the knitters often joked that Jane was knitting with "tree trunks" for needles. The end result was this beautiful sweater, that Jane will be able to wear as a jacket when the snow starts to fly at the end of the year. Fantastic Jane!


David is one of the regulars at Tuesday night knit club and is the lone male having to put up with this flock of enthusiastic ladies. He is always a good sport and is turning into quite the knitter. Here he is with his Kitchen Sink hat. Great job David! 


Kelly and her beautiful Lanica sweater! She knit it sideways from arm to arm to help the colour distribute more evenly. Great job Kelly!


Stefani decided it was time to try her hand at knitting again. She came into the shop and wanted to make a blanket for her house. Fast forward a few months later and here she is with her finished project. She walked through the shop picking out different yarns she wanted t incorporate into the blanket and winged the patterns and presto! This beautiful piece was created. Amazing job Stefani! Keep up the great work.


Naomi's beautiful Hitchhiker Shawl made using the now discontinued yarn Bess from Hand Maiden. With 12% cashmere this shawl just asked to be cuddled up around your neck. Great job Naomi!


Ina and her gorgeous version of Antique Lace by Ilga Leja. Ina made this using Berroco's Remix so it's a great piece to wear in the shoulder seasons. Love it Ina!


Cheryl has been working diligently on this sweater since just after new years. Everyone at knitting would watch with wonder as she would be doing intricate colour work, but still able to carry on a conversation. Here she is with the finished product, made for her husband. It's hard to tell who is happier: her that she is finished, or him since he gets to wear it! Wonderful job Cheryl!


Many of you will know of the Boyfriend Sweater Curse. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it is a legend that is you knit your boyfriend a sweater, the relationship will end. (Read about it here: Sweater Curse) Most stories start out "Well a friend of a friend of mine…" but many have seen it happen first hand. We had two knitters who decided to laugh in the face of this legend and knit their beau's some woolies. Here is Justine and Nathan showing off Justine's beautiful handiwork. Justine made it look easy, and Nathan loves the sweater. Success story one! As for the other knitter, we hear that her beau hardly takes his off as well. Great job ladies! You've given hope to knitters everywhere!


Meg is modeling this beautiful cabled cardigan that Sue has made for her sister. Great job all around!


Elizabeth stopped in to show us her great knitted babes. These gals are fun to knit and Elizabeth even knitted their outfits for them as well, they even had knit shoes! Great job Elizabeth!


Sally is expecting a grand-child and quickly got to work on a baby blanket. Here she is with her beautiful blanket made using Spud and Chloe Sweater. Great job Sally!


Sue has welcomed a new great grandson to her family last month and has been busy knitting up goodies to send back to England for him! First up is this beautiful baby blanket.
And next is a very cute little berry hat and an Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket. Jameson is one lucky boy! Congrats Sue!
Last but not least is Sue's sister in her sweater made by Sue. You may remember seeing Meg wearing it here – but now you can see it on the intended recipient. Fits like a glove! Well done Sue!


JoAnne's great baby set. This little one is due to be born a week before Christmas so JoAnne thought red and white! The cute little elf buttons can be taken off for the rest of the year. Love it JoAnne.


Megan has been knitting up a storm for a baby to be and our favourite is her version of the LIttle Oak baby sweater pattern. Meg knit this using a multi sock yarn from Fleece Artist. Beautiful job Meg! That's one lucky baby!


Suzanne and her beautiful Wide Triangle shawl from Antique Lace Today. Knit using one cone of Habu's Tsumugi silk this shawl is lightweight and lovely to wear around the neck. Lovely job Suzanne!


Marie Jose and her beautiful cowl! Knit using Lamb's Pride Bulky, Marie Jose needles felted around the button hole to make it a bit sturdier and added a bouquet of flowers on the other side. Beautiful work!


Sherri and her oh so cozy Multnomah shawl. Sherri used Madeline Tosh Pashmina which is a wool, silk and cashmere blend. You can bet this piece won't stray far from her neck until summer arrives! Lovely job Sherri!


Julie seems to be coming in with a finished project every week! Here she is modeling her beautiful new cardigan just in time for the warmer weather! A lovely lace pattern in a light coloured cottong, this piece will be in high wardrobe rotation this year!  
This is another great piece for spring! This skirt was knit with Blue Sky's Alpaca Silk. Great for over leggings as worn here, or a little something to put over your swimsuit. Lovely job Julie!
Julie with a double whammy! Not only did Julie complete this beautiful cardigan with BFL DK from Fleece Artist, she is holding her own hand spun yarn! Great work Julie! Looking good.
Julie and her fab-fab-fabulous linen tunic! This pattern is from the latest Knit.Wear magazine but Julie switched up the colours and created her own beautiful palate for summer! Also! Check out her hat and mitts made from her lovely hand spun yarn shown above! Love them all Julie!


Libby and super cute baby pants for a lucky little baby! Knit using Raggi self striping yarn, these little guys are sure to please! So adorable Libby!
Libby and her reversible bolero. Knit using Burly Spun from Brown Sheep, this was a super quick project that Libby can wear as shown here, or turned upside down and worn with the leaf side up. Great job Libby!
Libby and her version of the Carnaby skirt from Knitty! Libby was rocking this lovely purple number at knit group and was met with rave reviews. Great job!


David wanted to move on beyond hats, scarves and cowls and so he chose to tackle Ilga Leja's Bermuda shawl. We think he passed with flying colours! David knit his shawl out of Noro Kama and a larger needle size then the pattern recommended. Stunning job David! We all love it.
David and another lovely Bermuda scarf by Ilga Leja. David whipped this up in no time at all and is already working on a third! Great job David!


Jasmine and her new hat! Crochet using Royal Alpaca from Illimani Yarn this was a quick little project for her. Looks great Jasmine!


Natalie has been busy and has these two awesome pieces to show for it! First up is a sweet little hooded cardigan with ear and paw prints! Next to it is the Honey Cowl knit using Fleece Artist Big Blue. Love them both Natalie!


Dawn and a stunning tank for wearing on those warmer days. She used two different hand dyed yarns to create this piece. Beautiful Dawn!


Sue and her poncho style shawl. This is all one piece that comes down over your head but looks like a shawl with no ends to fuss with! Sue made this out of the oh so luxurious Silk Maiden from Hand Maiden. Looks fabulous Sue!


Bet and her completed felting project! These beautiful lady and her handy sidekick of a dog. We loves these; wonderful job Bet!


Marie and her beautiful cowl made using Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. A little alpaca, a little silk and a little lace make up one stunning piece. Beautiful!


Stefani and her GORGEOUS tunic made with Acadia yarn. Baby alpaca, silk and wool makes this yarn just asked to be cozied up to. Stefani took one of Norah Gaughan's designs, added a little bit of her own pizzazz and out came this wonderful pattern! Lovely work Stefani!


Felter extraordinar Jennifer showed up on Tuesday with her two beautiful felted finer mazes. She takes the roving and felts the circles, and then wet and needle felts her maze on top. Absolutely stunning!


JoAnne's needles have been flying as well! She knit ZuZu's Petals cowl using Acadia and then another beautiful Multnomah using a multi coloured sock yarn. Beautiful work JoAnne!


Leah and another beautiful Linen cowl and a great slouch hat she designed using one skein of Emily by Fleece Artist. Looking great Leah!


Leah and her beautiful Lovely Linen Stitch Cowl. She knit this beauty with two skeins of Big Blue by Fleece Artist in Cedar. Stunning Leah!


Naomi has been knitting away through the wind and rain of the spring and has some beautiful things to show for it! Here she is with a completed shawl. Love the colour!
Here she is with her very first skein of handspun wool. Naomi participated in the Beginner Spinning workshop with Marilyn and was able to create this great skein. This is a great feat for a first time spinner.
And here is her "Daybreak" shawl, designed by Stephen West from Westknits. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


Sue made this cute little troop of dolls for children at the hospital. They're lucky you're on the job Sue! Great work!


Isabelle fell in love with this skein of Maidenhair when she visited the shop a few weeks ago. Here she is with her completed scarf. It is always so fun to see how the colours turn out with the hand dyed skeins. Beautiful job Isabelle!


Sandy and her top down cropped cardigan. She also used Fleece Artist Lanica. Love the colours Sandy!


Lorraine and her great sparkle scarf. Knit using one strand of wool and one strand of glitzy yarn, this scarf has just the right amount of twinkle to catch the eye. Perfect Lorraine!


Katrin came into knitting last week sporting this beautiful piece made for her by Jan, fellow Thursday knit group goer. Katrin was delighted with this present and we can all see why. Stunning work Jan!


Dawn and her Kansas City Cowl. Knit using Ultra Alpaca, this cowl can be worn around your shoulders or around your neck twice to keep you warm in multiple ways! Great job Dawn!


Jane is never one to get rid of hand knits lightly. Here she has ripped the foot off of one of her favorite pair of socks and reknit the bottom in other yarn. Would you believe that the leg and foot are actually the same yarn? It's amazing how the yarn will fade after years and years of wear! Nice job Jane!


Andrea and her lovely Tosca scarf! Andrea knit this scarf with one full skein of Tosca doing a K2P2 rib the whole way through. Stunning Andrea!


Nancy and a lovely baby hat knit using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. The lace pattern and knit flower give just the right touch of femininity. Beautiful Nancy!


Maree Josee and her flock of baby hats! She used solid colour Milla Mia soft merino for some, self striping Knitcol for others, and then mixed the leftovers for more! Love them all!


The local Katimavik group stopped into the shop on Tuesday night to learn how to knit. Using Fleece Artist Big Merino and size 9mm needles we helped them cast on, and then off they went! They brought us some goodies to eat, including chocolate chip cookies and  puff rice squares. They all did a great job and we hope they  have a safe journey home!

Julie and her beautiful Pediboo short sleeve pullover. This bamboo and wool blend makes it ideal for the warm months ahead! Thanks for sharing Julie!


Saldanha was a Fleece Artist special we had in the shop last summer. It was 1200m of merino lace, that the Fleece Artist had dyed in beautiful, saturated colours. It was a big hit, but we had one purple skein left over that was looking for a home. This skein caught Julie’s eyes and are we glad it did! Julie has just completed this amazing tank with her wool, and even has enough left over to make another one if she wants! Julie created the pattern as she went, working the front and back separately, and seamed up the sides. Lace detail along the bottom, neck and arms completed the piece. Great job Julie.


Jade is a barista at the Just Us! coffee in Grand Pre, and she learned to knit just a few months ago. This is her with her completed first project – a garter stitch scarf using Lamb's Pride Worsted wool. Once she understood how knitting worked, she was off!
Not one to take baby steps, Jade dove right into the Cabled Cotswold Hat for her second project. Here she is with the completed hat. Wonderful job Jade! 


We have seen many versions of this cowl but it seems each one is more beautiful than the last! Here is Donna with her cowl made with Handmaiden Maidenhair. Gorgeous Donna!


Linda and her beautiful cowl made from Lanica by the Fleece Artist. This will be going to her daughter and we all know she is going to love it. Great job Linda!


Donna and her handspun shawl. Truly a piece of art! Great job Donna.


Donna and her Shiba vest. Wool and silk combine just right to make this vest cozy but cool all at the same time. Lovely Donna!


David's been keeping busy this spring! Here he is with another great hat! He used Fleece Artist Thatch for the main part of the hat and then mixed in Kitchen Sink lopi leftovers for little pops of colours. Love it David!


Liz took advantage of the Fleece Artist sock specials we had and wove herself this beautiful scarf. Great job Liz!


Sue has been knitting away and had lots to show us! First is this great slouch hat that she worked up in an evening! Knit with a boucle, this hat has lots of texture and is super soft to the touch. 
Next is a short sleeve cardi she made for herself with self striping yarn. This piece is guaranteed to please!
Another great cardi with long sleeves this time! This cardigan is cozy and can be worn open or closed with a shawl stick or button. Different directions of the stripes gives it a very eye catching appeal. Love it Sue!
The back view of Sue's piece. You can see all the different directions this piece was knit in to play with the colour repeats. Great job on them all Sue!


Sandy is back from a trip away and with her comes this beautiful hat she knit out of the purple yarn she spun herself. Fantastic Sandy!
Sandy also finished up this tattoo while away! How's that for a hardcore knitter?


Ainsley and her new beautiful vest! The green yarn is one she purchased from Naomi at our annual Yarn Yard Sale and she used two skeins that were solid colours for the borders. Beautiful Ainsley!


Anne stopped in the shop and we all couldn't help but ooo and ahhh over her beautiful crochet scarf. Hooked using Fleece Artist Tosca, this pattern shows off the texture and colour of the yarn perfectly. Lovely job Anne!


Kelly's gorgeous table cloth. Almost too beautiful to eat off of! Lovely work Kelly.


Jan's Lace Shawl The lace shawl was knit by Jan and was her project from our fall lace knitting class with Shirl the Purl. Amazing!

Kenzie and her pom pom hat! Made by her mom Jeanne using Mission Falls wool. What fun!


It is done. She has finished! Jan has completed her Elizabeth Scarf! Knit with Rowan Kidsilk Haze, this scarf is knit by creating a base of 48″ of 1×4 rib, and then picking up 311 stitches in each K1 rib. That’s the easy part folks. It then increases over 20 stitches every right side row. It became a habit of everyone to ask how Jan was coming along with it. She would spend a full Thursday afternoon knitting and MAYBE get through a full row – and believe us, Jan is not a slowknitter. This scarf was a huge undertaking and we were all excited as she neared the end, but no one was more excited than her. Here she is with her amazing scarf, in all its glory. Great job Jan.

Jan brought her spinning wheel to Thursday afternoon group and was showing us all her latest yarn she was creating. She had spun a few bobbins full of wool, but was not sure what to ply it with until she came upon the perfect match in our Fleece Artist seconds bin. Purple mohair was the answer, and here she is with her beautiful new wool and mohair yarn. Great job Jan! Love the colours.

When Dagmar started to knit again after a break for a few years, this was the project she started. Fleece Artist's Storm Water scarf using an elastic sock yarn. This wool went great with pattern, creating very thing colour changes that do not interrupt the pattern. Wonderful Dagmar!


Here is Dawn in her finished Chiton pullover! We've been watching it grow for the last few months and we were so excited to see it finished and Dawn wearing it! Great job Dawn!


Dawn's great Angora rabbits! She decided they should not be naked, so she whipped up her own dress pattern for the girl and was making a matching outfit for the boy on Thursday. Great job Dawn! Very cute


Bonnie's taken up the needles and whipped up her own version of the Kitchen Sink hat using Fleece Artist Shiba! Beatiful Bonnie!


Doris and her absolutely stunning silk scarf. She used Jali's Simple Scarf Pattern (a favourite here at the shop) and a Hand Maiden silk blend dyed in a very subtle ivory colour. Beautiful Doris!


Suzanne's amazing shawl using Fleece Artist sock yarn. The pattern compliments the many colours of Fleece Artist perfectly. Great pick Suzanne!
Suzanne's second shawl which she used Fleece Artist BFL 2/8. The blue has a subtle colour change in it while the purple is a bit more solid. Stunning!


Dagmar's beautiful lace shawl. Amazing detail and lovely to feel. Made with The Natural Dye Studio's Angel Lace (70% baby alpaca, 20% silk 10% cashmere). Lovely Dagmar!


Donna is back from searching for Qiviut fibre up north and she brought back with her her completed scarf! Made with the Fleece Artist Big One this scarf is perfect for those chilly days ahead! Love it Donna.


Pat is still going strong with her hats! Here is her newest completion. Using two tones of grey, she has made this perfect beanie. Great job Pat!


Sue and a great new cropped cardi. She knit this using Ultra Alpaca and said it worked up in no time at all! Great in the spring with a tshirt underneath, or in the winter with a longer shirt under it. Love it Sue!


Gwen and her stunning sweater! Gwen knit this using Fleece Artist Big One, and made the sleeves a little short so they wouldn't drop in her food while she cooks! Also her beautiful Latvian Mitts made using Nature Spun Sport from Brown Sheep. Gorgeous work all around Gwen!


Anna stopped in with mom Emily and dad Mike and was so happy to model our new shop sample for us! A cute little ear flap hat knit using a skein of Spud and Chloe Sweater. Pattern can be found on the website Petite Purls. Thanks Anna!


Justine used Rowan Scottish tweed 4-ply, 2 balls in oatmeal and 1 ball in sunrise. This yarn is available for $6.50 per ball.

Visit Ravelry to download this pattern

Jan has finished her present for baby Lily Hana, the daughter of a friend. Jan knit the sweater out of Koigu KPPPM and also made matching booties. Lily Hana is a lucky girl to have Jan knitting for her!

When Dagmar pulled out this finished item on Thursday, everyone had to have a turn looking it over. Dagmar knit this bag, and then proceeded to felt it, and then knitted the flowers to go on the front. Wonderful wooden handles complete the piece. Absolutely gorgeous Dagmar! We can’t wait to see the next one.

Amanda helped us kick off our Tuesday evening knitting group with bringing her finished socks for everyone to see. Beautiful job Amanda!

Genevieve and her beautiful Sea Three Vest, just in time for spring! Made with Hand Maiden silk and sea cell, this piece drapes like a dream and feels heavenly. Absolutely beautiful!


Dagmar and Naomi have both had shawls on the mind these last few weeks. Dagmar has just finished her beautiful shawl using Koigu KPPPM merino wool. This fingering weight is a good choice for shawls as it has great stitch definition and amazing colours to choose from. Naomi’s shawl is done with Malabrigo Worsted wool. The green is just in time for spring. Beautiful job, both of you!




Namoi has also just finished this fantastic shawl as a present for her mother. Knit with Handmaiden Camelspin, this shawl is sure to be a hit. Beautiful Naomi!
JoAnne showed up to Thursday group with a cold, but she has not let it keep her down! Here she is with three completed pieces. The shawl around her neck was knit with Fleece Artist Sea Wool, while the cowl in her right hand is with Woolie Silk and the little triangle shawl in her left is done with beautiful, beaded Tilli Tomas. You are an inspiration JoAnne! Feel better soon. 


Audrey is on a roll! Here is another beautiful hat of hers, this time made for herself. Knit using Noro Kochoran, this hat is warm, fuzzy and had the distinct stripes of all things Noro. Great job Audrey!


Sherry stopped in to show us her Haughty Hat from the book Hattitude. Sherry is slowly knitting her way through this book and we love it when she brings in the newest  piece for us to see! This one was knit holding a strand of Brushed Suri together with a strand of Alpaca Silk, both from Blue Sky Alpaca. Great job Sherry!


Rebekah has been patiently working away on the beautiful cowl and Tuesday night she showed up with it finished! Light as air and a pale purple, this cowl is a stunning addition to her list of projects. Rebekah tried her hand at felting and made the flower pin to match. Great job Rebekah!


Lorraine made this tank for a quick summer piece. Lorraine used Habu Tsumugi silk for this piece and we all love it! Great job Lorraine!


Pat and her Ultra Alpaca slouchy socks. Great for scooting around the house in!


Jan's great little baby sweater. Knit using Soft Merino by MillaMia, this little piece is going to be treasured forever! Stunning Jan!


Naomi and another Thank You shawl. Made using a Fleece Artist sock weight, 
this shawl is beautiful to feel and is sure to please! Nice job Naomi!


Jocelyn and her stunning Afternoon Tea shawl. Lace throughout the whole piece makes it great for wearing layered over other things or in its own in the warmer weather. Either way a great shawl for tea with the Thursday afternoon knitters! Great job Jocelyn!


Dawn and her gorgeous version of the Carnaby skirt. Dawn knit this using Remix from Berroco and buttons she got at Frenchy's. We all love it Dawn!
As Tuesday night progressed Dawn also finished her Tosca mittens! High fives all around!


Dawn and a brand new shrug made from Lanica. Knit from side to side, this shrug was fun to knit and looks great! Nice work Dawn!


Jasmine's gorgeous baby booties made for her Granddaughter Tegan. Jasmine used the soles from the shop but created her own crochet pattern. Love them Jasmine!


Diane brought in these beauties to share with us as well. Using the Swedish yarn Raggi, she knit up these mitts in no time flat. This yarn is turning out to be a shop favorite! Love these Diane!


Carolyn and her beautiful Pashmina Worsted cowl. This Madeline Tosh yarn is so soft, you just never want to take it off. Beautiful!


Katrin stopped in and was showing us her two latest finished projects. A beautiful scarf knit with Hand Maiden’s Sea Silk and a cabled hat knit with Berroco’s Blackstone Tweed, using her own pattern. Katrin cast on 90 stitches and used a K1 P1 rib for three inches. She then used a seed stitch over four stitches, and used the next six stitches for a cable, these 10 stitches being repeated the whole way around the hat. She turned the cables every 10th row and used a basic hat decrease for the top. Great job Katrin!

We were all very excited to see Julie’s completed baby blanket this week at the Thursday knit group. Made with Mission Falls Cotton, Julie used six different colours and a pattern that gave the illusion of soft waves to create this beautiful blanket.

Nicole, who is in her first year at Acadia University, decided to add spinning to her list of things to learn this year. She stopped into the shop one afternoon to learn, and before we all knew it, she had spun, plied and balled this beautiful wool! Great job Nicole, keep it up!

Carolyn came by with this beautiful shawl she made using Gaspereau Sox (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon). This shawl is the perfect size to just cover your shoulders, or to throw around your neck and wear as a scarf. This colour was hand dyed by Brenna here in the shop. Wonderful job Carolyn!

Naomi has been on a big Stephen West kick lately and here is her completed Clockwork shawl. Naomi used a Fleece Artist second for the dark border and Sea Wool for the green center. Looks lovely Naomi! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Here are JoAnne and her daughter Lisa with their finished top down cropped cardigans. JoAnne knit hers using Fleece Artist Lanica and Lisa chose to use Remix from Berroco. Great job gals!


Kelly and another beautiful completed shawl! Looking good Kelly!


Nancy stopped into the shop and we all couldn't help but admire her beautiful hooked bag that her son Lucas had drawn the photo for. Talk about great team work. Thanks Nancy for sharing!


Dagmar and the amazing shawl she made for her sister. Knit with Maiden Hair by the Hand Maiden, this shawl feels just as beautiful as it looks. Great job Dagmar!


Sandy in her beautiful new pullover made out of Fleece Artist Lanica. Ross beside her in a beautiful colour work cardigan also made by Sandy. Great job!


Dagmar's beautiful Flaxen (linen and silk) cowl. Dagmar altered the pattern a bit to create a wider bottom so it would sit on her neck better. Great job Dagamar!


Whenever Nancy stops into the shop, she heads straight for the Brown Sheep wall. She has done this enough that we finally asked her what she was up to with her Brown Sheep purchases, and her next stop in she showed us! These beautiful little crochet flowers are made with Cotton Fleece, but she has others made with wool as well. Nancy is making these and selling them for charity. Great job Nancy! 


Naomi and her newest Daybreak from Stephen West. Knit using Fleece Artist Sea Wool and Crazy Zauberball.
Here she is with her Boneyard shawl, another design by Stephen West. This one was knit with Hand Maiden Camelspin and will be a present for Dr. Coady who is Naomi's Ortho Surgeon who has helped Naomi on the way back to recovery after breaking her wrist. She'll love it Naomi! Great work.


Jan made these beautiful socks for Phyllis and while up visiting, Phyllis was nice enough to model them for us! Yarn is Hand Maiden Sea Sock and Pattern is Gentleman Socks. (Also appropriate for ladies). Beautiful!


Elaine and her stunning Multnomah! She knit this using Malabrigo 100% merino lace. This piece is so soft and squishy you can help but want to wrap yourself up in it. Fabulous job Elaine!


Julie with a great "left overs" project! She used odds and ends of two projects she had made for herself to create this charming baby cardigan. Love it Julie!
And some sockies for her! A beautiful semi-solid dye job on the yarn compliments the lace pattern perfectly.


Dawn and her version of the Kathleen hat byJane Richmond Designs. Knit with the beautiful Royal Alpaca from Illimani Yarn, this hat is gorgeous!


Jocelyn stopped in last week and was very excited to share with us her 3rd (!) attempt at wet felting. She created this stunning little hand bag and needle felted a gorgeous design on the outside flap. Lovely job!
The inside of the flap where another beautiful streak of blue waits. Beautiful work Jocelyn!


Shaughney and her lovely Linen Stitch Cowl. This was knit using two skeins of Fleece Artist Big Blue and the pattern is available in the shop! Wonderful work!


Pat and her amazing collection of Duffer slippers! Pat made these beauties using Fleece Artist Big Blue. The Duffer pattern can be found on Ravelry and works great with the amazing colours of Fleece Artist. Wonderful work Pat!


Zelda Abramson came by to show us her completed Baby Albert Bunting. Zelda made her bunting with Lambs Pride Superwash, and added her own touch by using tiny carrots for the buttons. The pattern is from The Knitting Experience: Book 1: The Knit Stitch . Great job Zelda!

This shawl was started by Jali in April 2009 and lovingly finished by Betsy in February 2010.  It was knit with one skein of Noro sock yarn and one skein of kidsilk haze held together

Phyllis was the happy recipient of Katrin’s beautiful hand knit socks. Katrin used Brown Sheep’s Wildfoote sock yarn to create these beauties! Great job Katrin, they look wonderful on Phyllis!

Heather came into the shop to add the finishing touches to her Baby Surprise Jacket. Knit with Lamb’s Pride Superwash, this jacket is going to keep someone very cozy this winter. We love it Heather and think you made a great choice with the buttons!

Jeanne showed up to Tuesday night knit group and we all were able to see her finish off this great Lucy Neatby Scarf. Knit with a verigated fingering weight yarn, this scarf uses short rows to create this twist which gives it its name. Lovely job Jeanne! Can’t wait to see what’s next.


Sue brought in some show and tell to Tuesday evening knitting. This first piece is her Tree of Life afghan she knit. The subtle cables are worked into the tops of the trees to imitate the branches. Sue knit this in three weeks! We are not kidding when we call her a knitting machine.
Next up is this great jacket. Knit in squares and rectangles, this jacket is them assembled at the end. Nice and cozy for these cool nights.
Last are these perfect pink socks. This was Sue’s first foray into toe up socks and she said she loved it! These are knit using two different weights of yarn. A fine sock weight was used for the leg and foot while a heavier sport weight was used for the heel, toe and ribbing. Fantastic Sue!






Melinda had been working on this shawl for the last five months. Horse shoe shaped, and knit on a circular needle, this shawl was never able to be spread out to see what it looked like. Because of this, we were all watching with anticipation as it grew on Melinda’s needles and she came close to finishing it. Here it is in, in all its glory. This is a beautiful piece and our hats off to Melinda for sticking with it! Bravo!

Holly was here visiting from Calgary and stopped in to grab supplies to learn how to knit. Here she is with her first project – a great cowl made using Lanica from the Fleece Artist. She had her second project well under way for her flight back. Thanks for sharing Holly!


Julie, like many others, has some Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist seconds floating around in her stash. This purple skein decided it was time to be turned into something and so Julie cast on for a sweater. Not long after she started, she realized she wasn't a huge fan of the pattern and changed gears and turned what she had knit into a skirt! Here she is with the finished project (we are pretty certain that it's sea silk). Beautiful Julie!


Jan started this at Tuesday knit night and was able to wear it home by the end of group! Another beautiful Kidsilk Creation. Looks great Jan! 


David and his scarf of many colours! Knit lengthwise, David alternated between 3 – 4 different colours to give this scarf lots of life! Great job David!


Dagmar and her beautiful Sea Wool shawl. Made using the hand dyed skein for the body of the shawl and then a more solid contrasting yarn for the border. Beautiful work Dagmar!



Amber and a beautiful silk scarf for her mother. A simple lace patter that curls at the edges, this scarf is sure to be well received. Awesome job Amber!


Lorraine and her beautiful shawl made using Bess from the Hand Maiden. Beautiful colour and beautiful pattern – great job Lorraine!


Julie and another stunning dress. Lovely lace detail about the neck and waist add a very classy flare to this piece. Love it Julie!


Sandra and her beautiful pair of socks made using the discontinued Lanica from the gang at Fleece Artist. Lovely job Sandra!


Jan brought in this great piece to share with the group on Thursday. Her friend Judy made this for Jan for Christmas. Hundreds and hundreds of teeny, tiny french knots are what make up this beautiful creation. Stunning!


Sue and her beautiful fingerless mitts. A bit of lace with a bit of cables, all knit in the beautiful Merino 2/6 from the Fleece Artist. Great job Sue!


Dawn and her lovely new pair of fingerless mitts. Silky Baby Llama gives these mitts a beautiful sheen and lovely handle. Stunning Dawn!


Nancy's beautiful new cowl! Nancy saw this on Megan and just had to give it a try. Knit using Jade Sapphire Mink and Cashmere, this cowl was a quick knit and is stunning! Great job Nancy!


Julie took advantage of the "February if for Finishing" motto and cast off on her beautiful Ultra Alpaca cardigan. Great job Julie!


Veronique stopped by to show us what she has been creating on her drop spindles and spinning wheel. While showing us, she kept pulling one skein out at a time and it seemed like just as we had picked a favourite, the next one was even more amazing! Great job Veronique, we look forward to seeing the next batch!



Julie stopped in to show off her finished Lacy Chemise and knitted Amigurumi Octopus. The chemise was knitted in a lace weight yarn and the octopus was knit in a sport weight yarn. Two great projects just in time for spring!

Linda was back at Thursday Knitting after a few weeks away. She brought with her a beautiful pair of socks she finished while spending some time with the family. Great job Linda and good to have you back!

Dagmar and her teeny, tiny needles have been at work once again. This Thursday she brought in her latest projects – these absolutely beautiful butterfly pouches. The detail work is amazing. Wonderful job Dagmar!

Sue has welcomed 2011 in with some great finished projects. Here she is with these great fair isle hats.


Next is her Funky Fringed Scarf. This is a great stash busting project! Using two or more kinds of yarn (the more the merrier) you single crochet this whole scarf, leaving tails at the end, and before you know it, you have a completed scarf. This is a favorite around the shop – even Kitty can’t seem to get enough!
Last but not least are these beautiful socks. Knit with Berroco Sox, this will be sure to keep Sue’s feet warm in the new year! Great job on all of these Sue!


Here is Sue with her completed Baby Surprise Jacket. This is a quick knit and a great present for the newest addition to anyones life. Thanks for sharing Sue!

Liz came by and picked up some skeins of Fleece Artist Big Merino not to long ago, and sent us some pictures of what she whipped up with them. Using both the natural colour and a beautiful red variegate to weave this gorgeous scarf. Lovely job Liz!

Here is Dawn with her completed Napoleon tank. Knit with Remix by Berroco, this is the perfect piece to welcome back the sun! Great job Dawn!


Char and her Fleece Artist Shiba hat made for her sister. This yarn is turning out to be perfect for everything. Soft and with a nice sheen, it's sure to make anyone happy. Great job Char!


Linda with her light as a feather mohair shrug. The detail at the top and bottom compliment this yarn perfectly. Wonderful Linda!


Kelly is faster than a speeding bullet. She knit this gorgeous lace shawl is just under two weeks…and made it look easy! Great job Kelly.


Libby and her beautiful Baby Sophisticate made using Spud & Chloe sweater. Great job Libby!


Megan on the morning of her wedding showing off her hand knit garter made for her by Melinda (giving us the thumbs up). Knit using Manos Lace (baby alpaca, silk and cashmere) and finished with a bright yellow ribbon, Melinda did an amazing job on this. Congrats again to Meg and Shawn!


Elizabeth completed her Perl Grey Baby Bootah pattern and her new Grandson Levi was kind enough to show off her handiwork! Thanks Elizabeth for sharing! Great job.


Joan took part in our sock knit-a-long earlier this year and here she is with her first completed pair! Please note the beautiful Sweet Tomato Heels that Joan has mastered. Great job Joan! We can't wait to see the next ones.


Nickel is getting Christmas knitting well underway! Here she has a shortened version of Annabella's cowl in Metalico from Blue Sky Alpaca (so yummy!) and a pair of stunning fingerless mittens made using Lanica from Fleece Artist (beautiful!). Great job Nickel!


JoAnne and her beautiful and oh-so-cozy fingerless mitts made using Jade Sapphire Cashmere. Lovely work JoAnn


Donna fell in love with a beautiful, blue mohair fibre. She spun it up and then had a beautiful blue skein of mohair yarn. She then found some beautiful blue beads to match this beautiful blue mohair yarn and borrowed a pattern from Dagmar and presto! This beautiful blue handbag has been created. We absolutely love this piece. Great job Donna!


Sherri and her beautiful sheep skin sole slippers! These guys are sure to keep her feet warm in this chilly winter. Great job Sherri!


Julie with some great new pieces that she knit up over the snowy weekend! Fingerless mitts and a moebius cowl that are sure to keep her warm when more snow flies! Beautiful work Julie!
Julie also finished up on this beautiful lace scarf made for a friend. Lucky friend!


Nancy keeps her tea pot warm with this cute cozy. Yarn is Remix from Berroco and the pattern is from Churchmouse Yarn and Teas. Lovely work Nancy!


Dagmar's needles have been flying! Here is her stunning Chadwick by Stephen West. Knit using two skeins of sock yarn by the Fleece Artist, this piece just grabs the eye. 
Next is her gorgeous shawl made using Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester DK. This rectangular shawl can be worn many different ways and with autumn on its way, Dagmar finished just in time!
And finally is her gorgeous Sea Silk shawl. Dagmar knit this by making slight changes to La's La's simple shawl pattern. Beautiful work on all three Dagmar!


Kelly is finding a way to beat this heat this summer with this beautiful silk short sleeved shirt. Knit with Handmaiden’s Swiss Mountain Mulberry Tussah in the natural colour, this project is not only enjoyable to look at, but great to feel as well. The detailing around the neck finishes the project off with a bit a of class. Thanks for sharing Kelly, beautiful job!

Amanda brought out this pair of great socks on Thursday to show everyone. Amanda’s beautiful daughter is here helping her model the socks, while her son is munching away on some snacks in the background. Another great project completed by her and her crew!

Crystal is getting geared up for the months ahead with these great mitts. Made to look like Sock Monkeys, these mitts are made out of Briggs and Little wool and Crystal used a duplicate stitch to put their faces on. Can’t wait to see these guys out and about Crystal!

Everyone in the shop has been busy this last month getting their holiday knitting finished. Here are some of the wonferdul projects that have passed through the shop this season:

Phyllis and her beautiful scarf. Knit with a pattern that creates a gentle diagonal feel, this piece is both gorgeous and functional.

Crystal completed this cardigan for a present for her mother. Using Remix and buttons from Blue Moon Buttons, this project is a stunning completed item. Great job Crystal!

Linda has been on a cowl kick these last few months. There was even one Thursday she had the whole knitting group discussing a better name for them, since Linda does not like the word “cowl”. Here she is in just one of many neck warmers she has made for presents this holiday.

Mary Beth is one of our regular Tuesday night knitters. Here is her completed Gigi’s Garter scarf. Knit with two contrasting colours of Big Merino, this is a quick project for a last minute present. Love the colour choices Mary Beth!

Jan N. is one of the knitters who frequents both Thursday afternoons and Tuesday nights. Here is a beautiful cowl she made for her daughter. Using her own handspun, Jan knit this up with a matching hat to put under the Christmas tree.

Shirley is another who attends both knitting groups. Here is a pair of socks she knit using the Fortissima Cotton Stretch sock wool. Love them Shirley!

Celeste finished this gorgeous shawl in plenty of time for Christmas, but we had explicit instructions not to put it on the website until after the holidays, as it was a present for her sister, who checks the website often. Celeste knit this project with Frog Tree 100% alpaca, giving the shawl a beautiful drape. We know your sister loved it Celeste! Great job.

Jan D. has been busy and brought in this beautiful scarf knit with Fleece Artist’s Silk Twist. The colours and pattern compliment each other perfectly. Wonderful Jan!

Here are some photos of the Needle Felting Workshop we had a few weeks ago. This was the first time for some of these ladies. It was a fun day and all the pieces they made were absolutely stunning. Great job everyone!


Kaitlyn is a barista at Just Us! Coffee in town and she has been frequenting the Tuesday night knitting group. We have all been watching with excitement at how quickly she has become an amazing knitter. Here she is with her first pair of socks, made using Noro sock wool. She turned these heels like nobody’s business and is now working on a pair of heavy socks for her brother. Great job Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn moved to the city last year, but every once in a while she stops back for a visit and we love seeing her again at knit night. This time she brought a very interesting project to show us: the Howl. This piece is knit from one tip to the other, and then folded up into itself. It creates a double thick hat which can then be turned out into a cowl. Can be used as a headband, or even add a twist before buttoning it and wear it like a moebius! Kaitlyn saw something like this out west and thought she would like to have one, so here it is! Great job Kaitlyn!


Bob is one lucky man. That is all anyone could say after seeing the sweater Cheryl made for him. A jaw-dropping, breath taking beautiful Fair Isle sweater. I don't think we need to say anymore. The picture speaks for itself. Please click the photo to make it larger so you can truly appreciate how fine of detail this piece is. Amazing, amazing job Cheryl. Bob, you are one lucky man. 


Julie's needles have been on fire these last few months and here is another finished item, hot off the blocking pads! A beautiful top made with silks from the Handmaiden. Stunning Julie!


Mary and MaryBeth model their beautiful Annabella's Cowl. Made with Hand Maiden Maiden Hair, these cowls are the ultimate project as they are quick, beautiful and look great on everyone!


Knit with a beautiful self striping wool, this scarf is sure to catch everyones eye. Beautiful piece Marilyn.


Jane and her "Ice Cream Parlor" cardigan. She named it this because she said the only place she would blend in with this sweater would be an ice cream store. See? You can even see her holding her own ice cream cone. Thanks Jane! We love it.


Chantal and her beautiful St. Brigid by Alice Starmore. Stunning work Chantal!


Donna and her Hand Maiden Sea Silk Multnomah shawl. This piece was made just in time for the warm weather where you want something a little cooler next to the skin. Gorgeous job Donna!


Shelagh and her version of Annabella's Cowl. Shelagh knit her cowl using Blue Sky Alpaca's Matalico. 50% baby alpaca and 50% silk – this cowl is super luxurious. Beautiful, beautiful job Shelagh!


A few weeks back, Julie took a trip to the UK. While there, like any good knitter, she hit up some shops and grabbed some beautiful wool to bring back with her. First up is this lovely scarf she made with a soft, purple cashmere yarn. 
Next is this beautiful green wool that is grown in the UK that Julie chose this wonderful sweater pattern for. Lovely!
And last but not least is this beautiful cowl Julie made for a friend. This yarn she picked up here at the shop. Wool from all over, but the skill is all Julie! Great job!


Lisa's super cute monkey made for baby Ezra. Lisa used Raggi self striping wool for the main body and a solid white for the feet and face. She says Ezra carries him everywhere. We would too! Great job Lisa!


Sandy and her cozy socks made using Raggi – 70% superwash wool 30% nylon. Love 'em Sandy!


Linda and her gorgeous Brushed Suri hat! So fuzzy and oh so soft, all of us on Tuesday were teasing that we may take it home with us. Lovely!


Kelly welcomes Spring with her beautiful Lotus shawl. Kelly altered this pattern to make it open in the front instead of a full circle, and knit it with Hand Maiden Lace Silk. Amazing Kelly.


Nickle has definitely made Santa’s Nice list this year with all of her beautiful hand knit presents:

First up is a beautiful Kitchen Sink Hat that she made for herself. Nickle altered the pattern by knitting the body of the hat a little longer so that is had a more slouchy fit.

Next is an array of hats she made using Fleece Artist Africa and the new Chunky Mochi. Nice and slouchy, these hats are going to make some people very happy!

She also was working on thrummed mittens. Packed full with fibre, these mitts are sure to keep their owners hands warm all through the winter.

And last but not least are these great gator mittens. Knit with a bulky wool, and then sewing the teeth on separate, these mittens are a lot of fun! All the knitters have put in their orders for next year. Great job
Nickle! You are a knitting machine.

Colin and a few of his friends braved the heat and stopped into the shop this week. While the weather was too much for his mother, Caroll, Colin did bring along two of her lace shawls to show us. What beautiful pieces they were! The first was a Fleece Artist yarn made into a peacock lace pattern shawl which took two months to complete. The second was a gorgeous cream coloured alpaca yarn that was a nice weight in your hands. These were beautiful pieces and everyone in the shop had to have a feel. Thanks so much Colin for brining these up and Caroll we look forward to seeing the next amazing creation that comes off your needles!

Jan is at it again. This Thursday she brought in her completed shawl to show us. This shawl was started by everyone’s dear friend and GVF employee Jali Giroux, using her own handspun yarn. Unfortunately, Jali passed away before she was able to finish this project, but Jan stepped up to the challenge. We all know Jali would have been delighted at the effort Jan put into this, and how beautiful the shawl is. Thank you Jan for sharing this with us.

Katrin is looking pretty in pink in her brand new pullover. Knit top down with Nature Spun sport by Brown Sheep, this Knitting Pure and Simple design is ideal for a beautiful project without being too complicated. Wonderful job Katrin!

Lynn stopped in and was letting us look at her completed top down pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple. She chose Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca and it was the perfect pick! Soft and cozy, with a beautiful drape, this yarn is perfect for any project. Great job Lynn!


Rebecca was in the shop on Thursday with her mother and sister for afternoon knitting group. Rebecca was using a knitting loom, much like we saw last year with Ruth, except that this one is round instead of straight. Here she is modeling her hat she finished on Thursday.
She offered to give everyone a demonstration on how to use the loom, and was a very good teacher, answering all the questions we had. Thanks so much Rebecca and keep up the great work!

Many of you may remember the movie The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray. A quirky movie perhaps best known for the woolly red toques everyone wears. While these hats have no doubt led to many knitters casting on to make one, for those looking for a bit more of a challenge should follow in Carrice's footsteps and take a look at Serena Murphy's version of The Life Aquatic. Carrice showed up with this sweater on and had everyone asking her to take her jacket off so we could look at it in all its glory. Knit with Brown Sheep Nature Spun, this sweater is truly a fun project to knit and to wear. Wonderful job Carrice, now you just need the red toque to match! 


Elizabeth stopped in to pick up some yarn she had ordered and we couldn't help but notice the amazing jacket she was wearing. We complimented her on it only to find out that her daughter in law, Heather, had  made it for her! Heather had taken old wool sweaters, felted them, and them cut them up and sewed them back together. This is an outstanding piece of art and truly one of a kind! Thank you to both Elizabeth and Heather!


Naomi's started this baby blanket before she broke her wrist, and Donna Weir was kind enough to finish it for her and made a little hat to match. Great job ladies! Team work at its finest.


Bonnie and her cowl to be added to what has been dubbed "The Cowl Club". Bonnie used one strand of Silk Maiden held with a strand of Kidsilk Haze. Love it!


Dawn has kicked off the warm weather by knitting up these two beautiful shawls. The first is made using Fleece Artist Sea wool. The seacell gives it that little bit of sheen and coolness to the touch.
Second is the Storm Water Shawl using sock yarn from the Fleece Artist. Even though they are wooly, sock yarn is a great option for summer as it is lightweight and affordable. Great job Dawn! Love them both. 


Jackie tried her hand at needle felting a little while ago and came in to show us what she had come up with! These cute little critters were her first 4 attempts! Way to go Jackie! You're a natural!


Jan is our Wonder Woman – she does it all. Jane started off by spinning some wool and then mixed in a few commercial things with it while she wove, then felted the blanket and out came this amazing piece! The photo does not do justice to the subtle colours and amazing feel of this blanket. Stunning Jan!


It happens quite a bit that one pattern will catch on like wild fire here in the shop. This summer that pattern was Coco Knits' Gretel tank. Here are the gals that took to their needles and created their own. 


It started with Lorraine who made her Gretel back in the spring. Lorraine made hers with Habu Tsumugi Silk. 



Next up was Stefani who chose to make hers using Hand Maiden Sea Sock. Still a good choice for summer with the high silk content, but also has a bit of warmth for the cooler seasons.



Then we had Sue who used Hand Maiden Lino – a lace weight linen and silk blend. The cool fibres for summer and the hand painted colours come together perfectly in this yarn. 



And last but not least is Kelly. She chose Lino as well for her yarn and you can see just how different it looks just by changing the colour. A great showing of this pattern. Wonderful job ladies!


Jocelyn's and her stunning cowl knit using Nature Spun sport by Brown Sheep. This cowl has a point in the front so you don't have to zip your jacket up the whole way, but still are able to stay warm. Jocelyn is also modeling her beautiful piece of cherry pie! Hand knit food. Love it! We're voting for bacon and eggs next. Great job Jocelyn!


Nichol and her beautiful new mitts that she designed herself! Beautiful job!


Debbie and her amazing needle felted "dude", Lee. Debbie spent many hours creating this awesome creation. Next up is a lady friend. Stunning work Debbie!


Pat and her beautiful Burberry Inspired Cowl. She knit this using Windsor, a lovely blend of wool and silk. Lovely job Pat!


Pat's beautiful new colour work mittens. Pat used Brown Sheep Lanaloft sport – a single ply that gives these mittens a nice and cozy feel. Love them Pat!


David is not one to let the girls show him up! He has been busy as well. A gorgeous soft lengthwise scarf in whites, pinks and reds, and then a more "Manly" striped scarf which can be worn wrapped once around the neck, or wrapped twice and buttoned up! Fabulous David!


Kelly stuck it out through the heat and was able to finish her beautiful cardigan for the cooler months ahead! Knit with Rambouillet in its natural colour, this cardigan is sure to keep Kelly nice and cozy. Thanks for sharing Kelly!

Leah stopped in to show us her socks she had completed using the skeins of Nyoni she had purchased. After knitting her very first pair on the right, she then used Simple Skyp Socks from Ravelry, and knit up her second pair on the left. Great job Leah!

It is always a fun time when Ariana and Andy stop into the shop. Ariana searches the shop for the thickest wool we have, and Andy entertains us with stories and comments about the store and knitters in general. We also love seeing what Ariana has done with the wool she has. Not one to use a pattern, Ariana’s creations are always amazing and an inspiration to get out the knitting needles and see what you can come up with on your own! Here she is modeling two of her hats. One is knit with River Road wool from the sheep here on the farm, and the other is Fleece Artist Africa. Be sure to check out some of Andy and Ariana’s musical creations here.

Jing started coming to the knitting group just last year with the intention of knitting a hat for her daughter Avery. Just a few weeks ago, Jing has completed this great little hat for Avery! Knit using a rainbow ball of Knitcol, Jing used a basic hat pattern and is now working on a matching scarf. Great job Jing!


We always joke with Jeanne that we see her buying yarn, but never get to see any of her finished items. Well she has proved us wrong! Her she is with her very beautiful Silk and Suri scarf. Jeanne knit this by casting on lengthwise and alternating Blue Sky Alpaca's Alpaca Silk and their Brushed Suri. This creates a scarf with a lovely drape, but also enough furry goodness that you never want to take it off. Great job Jeanne! Keep them coming!


Virve brought these in to show us and we instantly fell in love with them. Knit with River Road Cotswold wool (from the sheep here on the farm!), Virve used a variegated at the top, and a beautiful golden solid on the bottom for the cuffs. She then thrummed in multi colour rovings to make these mitts a site to behold. Thanks for sharing Virve!


Mary's finished her selfish knitting project! She learned to knit at the end of last year and let her friends convince her to tackle a sweater for the month of January. Here she is in all its glory! Great job Mary!


Sandy is working her way through the fibre arts and this time she tackled spinning! Here she is modeling a Bandana Cowl she made for her husband out of her first home spun yarn! Looking good Sandy!


Jan and her Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat. This hat has been a popular one at the shop as it is knit with two balls of a slow striping yarn in the same colour. You just make sure to start in two different places (making sure the colours are different) and do a very simple fair isle pattern and presto! This gorgeous hat. Thanks for sharing Jan!


Chantal has had a great summer of knitting and the Olympics only spurred her on more. She stopped into the shop to show us what she had been up to. First up is this gorgeous shawl made with Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. Kitty approves.
Next is this absolutely stunning garment made using Koigu KPPPM (for the body and sleeves) and Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 (for the border and ends of sleeves). We just love this Chantal!
A great summer cardi Chantal made useing Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. She first fell in love with the buttons and made the cardigan to match!
And last but not least are these great socks made for her husband who has "ugly" sock competitions at work. These will be sure to win Chantal but we think they're lovely. Great job on all your pieces!


JoAnne and Lisa have been busy and were very excited to show off what they have accomplished! Here they are with their dropped stitch scarves.
Next up is Annabella's Cowl. Lisa knit her using a sparkly lace weight from The Natural Dye Studio, while JoAnne chose Maiden Hair by Hand Maiden. Both are stunning pieces and look fabulous on them!
Lisa has been tackling some bigger projects as well. Here she is modeling her Gretal by Cocoknits. Lisa knit this using Tsumugi Silk by Habu Textiles which adds a beautiful drape and a slight tweed effect. Love this one Lisa!
And last but not least is this Knitting Pure and Simple cardigan knit with yarn she got at Value Village! Can't go wrong with that! Beautiful work Lisa and JoAnne!


Anne Marie and her beautiful lace scarf. Anne Marie has been diligently working away on this piece and we all cheered her on as she was finally able to cast off on Tuesday night. Lovely work Anne Marie!


Jan and a lovely hand made stocking. She knit this using Brown Sheep Bulky for the top and two strands of Worsted for the bottom. Love it Jan!


Meg and Shawn stopped in on their way to walk Mumford the dog and were sporting all of their wooly goodies! Hats, cowls, scarves and mitts. Looking great guys!


Sherry and her beautiful hat and fingerless mitt set made with Illimani Yarn Royal Alpaca. Originally meant for her daughter who ended up wanting a different colours, we think these look fab on Sherry! Great job!


Jane has been busy and has the socks to prove it! Jane knit these with Raggi worsted which is a 70% wool 30% nylon mix. Best of all is the way is self stripes. Beautiful Jane!


Frances popped into the shop to show us her completed jacket. Knit with a mohair, linen and nylon blend, she finished this jacket off with a skein of Planet Earth beaded yarn to add a bit of sparkle. The pattern is from Wild Fibres Winter 2010. Beautiful Frances!

Yvette showed up to show off her finished Nuss made out of Blackstone Tweed. She did a marvelous job and the look is complete with the use of buttons from Blue Moon buttons. Love it Yvette!

Sue and her needles have been busy this last month! It seems like each time we see her she has another finished product! It is very exciting and we love seeing what she brings out next. The first is a beautiful Lettuce Raglan from Knitscene Fall 2010 knit with Fleece Artist Nyoni. The subtle colour changes are pleasing to the eye, and the drape is just right for this cozy piece.

Next up is a vest knit with Fleece Artist Africa, a nice chunky weight yarn that is 100% wool and knits up like a dream. All of us here at the shop love this wool just as it is in the skeins, but we have to admit that it looks even better knit up in this beautiful vest. Great job Sue!

Last but not least is Sue’s take on Lucy Neatby’s Sea Lettuce Scarf. Knit in a beautiful white fingering weight yarn, Sue added beads and placed one on each of the ends of the lettuce scarf. When the beads catch the light, the scarf sparkles bringing forth images of snow. A great piece for the months ahead! Thanks for sharing all of these with us Sue!

Kelly has created a masterpiece. Using two skeins of Fleece Artist BFL 2/8, she has knit this gorgeous dragon shawl for her son for Christmas. 
This piece took her almost two months exactly. Many, many stitches have gone into this piece and we know that it will be treasured forever. Absolutely stunning Kelly!


Dagmar's Dahlia cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2011. Knit using Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 this piece is soft and light as air. Fantastic job Dagmar! We love it.


Dawn and a great summer cardi! Made with a cotton blend, this piece is perfect for those August nights when you just need a little something over your shoulders. Love it Dawn!


Ezra is growing so quickly but that's not stopping the wonderful knitters in his life from keeping him decked out in knitwear! Grandma JoAnne made up his super cute baby booties and Leah knit him this fashionable jacket. Lovely job, but of you!


Libby's beautiful sweater for her daughter. This stunning piece is made with Berroco's Ultra Alpaca (50% wool 50% alpaca) and is sure to be a treat to wear. Great job Libby!


Wren is here sporting her crochet goods made by Mom Jasmine. Booties and matching mittens, a lovely two colour cardigan and a stunning hat made with sock yarn tops off her wonderful outfit! Great job you two!


Jan's beautiful Christmas socks for Patty. She used a gorgeous skein of Hand Maiden Casbah and her own sock pattern. Lovely work Jan!


Kelly and her tea cozy from Cheryl's "Scared Silly by Steeks?" course. Kelly has cut all her holes and was very proud of her success (as were the rest of us!) Great job!


Libby's new beautiful Big Blue hat! Simple lace curves the whole way up the hat while you knit to give it a bit of interest and adds that classy look when finished! Love it Libby!
Another Big Blue project from Libby. This time it's a quick and cabled headband for her daughter! Great job!


You may remember Jan showing us her finished baby garments for Lily Hana here. Well now we all get to see sweet little Lily Hana modeling them for us! The only thing cuter than baby knits, are babies actually wearing them! Looks like a perfect fit Jan, great work!

JoAnne’s needles have been flying these last few months as well! She brought the splendors of her September and October into the shop and we all wished we could have been as productive as her! Sue was kind enough to help JoAnne model her finished scarves! She has a beautiful Hand Maiden Sea Silk creation

on Sue, and a lovely variegated green on herself. Next up is her own Sea Lettuce scarf done with Fleece Artist Nyoni. Sue is modeling her own scarf – LucyNeatby’s Bubble Scarf. Great job JoAnne! We look forward to your next piece!

Raeanne was very excited to be done her Trina jacket, a present knit for her mother. Trina is a Fleece Artist kit using two skeins of Baby Alpaca and four skeins of Blue Face Aran. We know your mother will love it Raeanna! Great Job.

JoAnne has been busy these last few weeks, and she has the projects to prove it! Two pieces that just came off her needles are this beautiful cowl made with Fleece Artist Big Merino, and a lightweight scarf using Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Love them JoAnne!

Two years ago Joan signed up for the Block a Week with Brenna workshop. The workshop participants worked and worked away at their blocks, and Joan came in today to show us her completed afghan. 
Each square is different from the one next to it, and the whole piece is bordered in a large cable. Absolutely amazing Joan! Congratulations on your accomplishment


Pat and her beautiful Colour Affection. Knit using three different colours of Frog Tree Pediboo, this shawl is heaven to touch and fits around Pat's shoulders like a glove. Great job!
Another great piece from Pat – a stunning shawl made from Mini Mochi. The long colour repeats were a great pairing with this pattern. Fantastic choice Pat!


Julie in her beautiful Bess skirt! This piece was knit side to side with buttons on the end so Julie could keep trying it on as she knit to ensure she got the perfect fit! Love it Julie!


JoAnne and Sherri share their beautiful finished projects! JoAnne is sporting her stunning bias shawl made with Hand Maiden Rumple, and a great Noro Silk Garden Toque. Sherri is wearing pink and tan honeycomb mittens that she made for her daughter. Great work girls!


Kelly and her latest creation! This stunning lace shawl was made using Hand Maiden Lace Silk. Not only does this piece feel amazing, the superb lace work can't help but catch your eye – knitter or not! Lovely work Kelly


Katrin and a lovely Honey Cowl knit using Illimani Yarn Baby Silky Llama. The honeycomb stitch shows up wonderfully on this yarn and is oh so cosy next to the neck. Great job Katrin!


Julie and a lovely cardigan knit using Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. Lace work on the top of the body and sleeves make this piece a nice interesting knit and looks lovely one. Nice one Julie!
In between finishing her cardigan, Julie was also working on this little piece. A cute, cute, cute baby cardigan made with Be Sweet Bamboo. Love it!


Sandy and her beautiful "Zuzu's Petals" cowl made using Hand Maiden Camelspin. This great cowl is knit to look like a shawl but is actually in the round so there are no ends to fuss with! Lovely job Sandy


Cheryl has stopped by the shop a few times and mentioned these great baby booties she had been knitting. The visit she paid us she brought them along so we could just how great they are! These booties are knit from Christine’s Stay on Booties pattern. The pattern uses a side ribbing which lets the booties grow with the child, seeing as how they are able to not only stretch vertically but horizontally as well. The ones shown here are knit in Koigu KPPPM using size 2.25mm needles. Thanks sos much Cheryl for showing us this little treasure!

Heather is looking very stylish in her new slouchy hat! The pattern is Pasha by Jane Richmond and Heather knit it with Angel DK from The Natural Dye Studio. Oh so soft to the touch, and a beautiful pale purple, this hat is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe! Love it Heather!

Amy is a new addition to our Thursday afternoon group and here she is with her first completed project since joining. Using some nice textured yarn from her stash, Amy made this gorgeous GiGi Garter scarf. Knit lengthwise, this pattern is great for beginners, or an easy knit while sitting in front of the tv. Great job Amy! We can’t wait to see what’s next!


Jane has been initiated into the Cowl Club! She used a Fleece Artist mohair and knit until she was out of wool! Great job Jane, love the colours!


JoAnne's been busy with these cute little knits and we were all so excited to see the finished items! An adorable baby sweater made using self striping yarn and a great little berry hat to match. 
Another great knit by JoAnne. Made using the Cabled Cotswold Hat pattern from the shop and a great rustic spun wool. Awesome job JoAnne!


JoAnne and her beautiful Sea Lettuce scarf by Lucy Neatby. JoAnne made this piece using Fleece Artist Sea Wool that she got at our annual Yarn Yard Sale. Love love love this JoAnne!


David and his newest creations! The scarf on the right is an alpaca and wool blend with stripes of wool and mohair. David left his tails and cut them short to create a sideways trim. The scarf on the left is knit lengthwise using a thick and think wool with a row here and there of other yarns for colour. Love them both David!


Sue's beautiful hat made for her sister in the UK. Last year Sue made her a gorgeous sweater and now she will have the hat to match! Great job Sue.
Sue has also completed this great little baby sweater for her great grandson. Knit using Spud and Chloe Sweater, this little piece is sure to please. Love it Sue!


Kelly and a stunning wall hanging for her son. Knit using Hand Maiden Lino (silk and linen blend) this piece is light and drapes wonderfully to show off Kelly's amazing knitting. Stunning Kelly!
A close up of the dragon in Kelly's wall hanging – wow!


Stefani and her completed shawl! Stefani just got back from vacation, but before she left her and Kelly sat down, worked out needle size, and this pattern and off she went! Fast forward a few months and she is wearing it. Beautiful work!


Diane stopped in with a bag full of goodies to show us! Here is the Honey Cowl pattern knit using Madeline Tosh DK. We love it.
Next up is the Holden Shawl in a yarn with just a touch of sparkle. Beautiful
Then she pulled out a favourite of ours, a Noro scarf knitted using two different colours to play with the stripe pattern.
Tea Time anyone? Diane's wonderful trio of Tea Cosies.
Last but not least is this design from NS's own Lucy Neatby. These great double knit hats use Lamb's Pride and Noro yarn and are reversible!
This is the other side. How much fun. Fantastic Diane! Can't wait to see the next batch when you're down again.


While visiting her son, Wolfville’s own Jeremy Novak from The Grapevine, Ruth stopped into the shop to show us what she had been up to. Using Legacy Lane’s Kitchen Sink Lopi yarn, and her knitting loom from iheartderek, Ruth was producing a fabulous scarf for Jeremy. By wrapping the yarn around the pegs at the top of the loom, and bringing the yarn over from the bottom, the loom creates a beautiful stitch design. Thanks so much for stopping in Ruth and sharing! We look forward to seeing the finished product on Jeremy.




Suzanne brought in this beautiful piece of work on Thursday to show everyone. It was passed around once, and then again, and then again! Everyone wanted another look. Suzanne took various lace patterns and combined them all together to make this gorgeous shawl.



The flecks of a lighter shade gives this a wonderful heather look and adds to the lace pattern rather then detract from it. Amazing work Suzanne, you truly are an inspiration!
Naomi's completed Woolie Silk shawl, made for one of the many people who helped her on the road back to recovery after breaking her wrist this winter. Beautiful!


Sandy is back! And with her is her beautiful new pair of socks made from Fleece Artist Kidazzle. Great job Sandy


Nickle and her birthday present for her boyfriend Adam. Made using Remix by Berroco, this sweater is sure to be a favorite of Adam's for it's broken in feel and very slight tweedy look. Great job Nickle!


Grace and her stunning Loxley scarf by Stephen West. Grace knit this lovely scarf using Berocco Blackstone Tweed. Super soft and super warm this piece will keep her cozy all winter. Love it Grace!


Lisa's beautiful pair of sparkly fingerless mitts! Lisa found herself at mom JoAnne's house without a knitting project so what else to do but raid mom's stash! These little guys are the result. Nice work Lisa!


Deborah has been busy! Using two skeins of Nyoni from Fleece Artist and her own pattern, Deborah has produced this beautiful shawl. With the semi-solid colour, it is a great addition to any wardrobe. Definitely an inspiration Deborah!

Maddy stopped in with her mother to check out the shop, and before we knew it, she was sat sitting next to the fire, knitting up a storm. Here she is using her corker to knit. Keep up the good work Maddy!


Another masterpiece by Cheryl! An absolutely stunning fair isle cardigan that we watched hre patiently work away on. Fabulous job Cheryl!


Becky stopped in last night (in the snow!) with her partner Joel who was sporting this amazing vest. An old pattern from the 70's, Becky's mother found some old White Buffalo yarn for Becky to knit this with. Waves, whales and and eagle, this is a beautiful piece! Great job you fashionable people!


Nellie and her great Big Blue sweater. Knit using three different colours, this piece is super fun. Great job Nellie!


Don’t let looks deceive you! Linda may have looked a bit puzzled as she started her koigu sweater, but the finished result is beautiful! Using a vintage pattern, Linda made this cute little sweater for a friend of the family. The pink ribbon is the perfect finishing touch. Wonderful work Linda!

Jane was seen in the months leading up to Christmas working away on this great vest for her husband, David. This project started out with a mystery yarn that Jane had purchased at one of the Annual Yarn Yard Sales here at the shop. General consensus was that it was indeed a Fleece Artist yarn, but with no tag, we were left to guess at its yardage. Jane had a vest pattern that she wanted to make with it, but was certain she would not have enough with just this one ball. So, not one to be deterred, she found this great green to pair it with, and casted on! Each week Jane would bring in the ball and we would weigh it, and figure out how many inches she had done with what weight, all in hopes of being able to tell if she would have enough to complete it. Lo’ and behold, she did! Here she is with the completed vest. David has worn it a few times, and we all love it! Great job Jane!

Ainsley stopped in to check out the Winter, Wine and Wool and also brought in her beautiful tank to display. Knit using two skeins of Gaspereau Sox (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) this tank was a quick knit and is a great new piece to Ainsley’s wardrobe. She used a pattern she found at her local library. Great job Ainsley, we all love it!

Stefani knit this great cowl up in a week using left overs from another project! She cast on with Baby Alpaca from Fleece Artist and finished it off with Mo also by Fleece Artist. What a great accent piece! Love it Stefani!


 Mom Sarah and daughter Faye stopped in to visit on Saturday and both were covered from head to toe in knitted goods! Looking great gals!


Everyone in the Thursday knitting group was quite taken by these beautiful amulet pouches Dagmar has been making. Knit on size 0000 needles, with bead work, they are not a project for the faint of heart. We look forward to seeing more Dagmar!

Ingeborg stopped in to find a scarf to match her completed Brushed Suri Tunic. Here she is with her finished project and the scarf she picked out – a beautiful creation from the FibrEnsemble duo. Ingeborg did a great job, and we look forward to seeing your next piece!

Tuesday night Julie showed up with an amazing finished item – Sprossling. This is an Anne Hanson pattern which is described as a “…close-fitting, ribbed lace cardigan … with set-in sleeves, jewel neck, and offset body shaping.” Julie chose to make hers a pullover and everyone agrees that it is a beautiful piece. What is she working on now? A pair of socks with the leftover skein she had! A perfect set. Great job Julie.
Jeanne's stunning Twiggy Cardigan from Jane Richmond Designs. Knit using Fleece Artist's new yarn Tosca that gives is just enough texture to add to the pattern rather then detract from it. Buttons were made by Wolfville's own The Custom Cottage. Love love love it Jeanne!


Jan was getting some pointers on Tuesday night from resident knit master Kitty Purl. She is always ready to lend a helping paw and accepts scratches behind the ears as payment.


Jan B. stopped into the shop to show us what she had completed. This great knee socks were knit with three colours of Brown Sheep Nature Spun. Great for hiking or just wearing inside your boots on those cold, snowy days (which seem to be many this winter!). Beautiful job Jan. Can’t wait to see the next pair!

Julie decided to try out this new yarn from the Handmaiden and everyone was glad she did. Julie chose the Percy Shawl pattern by Sanne Kalkman, but instead of knitting the bobbles it called for, Julie added glass beads, giving the piece a whole new sophistication. As always, beautiful work Julie!
Julie and a great new cardigan! She knit this up in no time at all. Another creation done with the Royal Alpaca from Illimani Yarn. We cannot get enough of this yarn. Great job Julie!


Jasmine is trying her hand (and hook!) at Tunisian crochet and here is her first project. This washcloth was made using Be Sweet Bamboo and feels absolutely wonderful. The Tunisian style makes the finished piece look more like it has been knitted then crocheted. Great job Jasmine, can't wait to see more!


Naomi recently moved to Nova Scotia, and brought her amazing knitting skills with her. Here she is with a fabulous shawl knit with Malabrigo Worsted. Great job Naomi!

Nicki showed up after a nice Christmas break back home, and pulled out this beautiful entrelac scarf.  It’s almost as  tall as she is! Great job Nicki!

Pat's beautiful hat. Knit using the Kathleen pattern from Jane Richmond Designs, Pat used the super soft royal alpaca to give it just the perfect drape in the back. Wonderful!


Leslie dropped by the shop last week with her completed Flutter Scarf  for us to see. This scarf is knit with quick increases on both ends, to create the flutter at the bottom. Leslie chose Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit for her scarf. The verigated colourway works well with the pattern and the angora makes a very soft and lightweight piece. Thanks for sharing this Leslie!