Habu is based in New York City but most of their products are from Japan which makes them very different from what we are used to seeing here in Canada. An excerpt from their website explains their name: “ Our name, “habu” comes from a name of a very poisonous snake, which is unique to Okinawa. In original characters, “ha” means “wave.” “bu” means “fabric” It is named so because when it moves, it moves like a fabric.” Their yarn forces you to think outside the box, and gives you amazing pieces in return. Below are the lines we carry in the shop on a regular basis, but for a full listing of their yarns (and colours) please check their website here: Habu Textiles

Wool Stainless Steel
75% woo 25% stainless steel
273 yards / 14 grams

Silk Stainless Steel
69% wool 31% stainless steel
311 yards / 14 grams

Fine Merino
100% merino
747 yards / 28 grams

Tsumugi Silk
100% silk
450 yards / 48 grams

Cotton Gima
100% cotton
265 yards / 28 grams

Linen Paper
100% linen
560 yards / 28 grams

100% linen
370 yards / 48 grams

Shosenshi Paper
100% linen
476 yards /48 grams

Silk Mohair Kusa
60% mohair 40% silk
186 yards / 14 grams

Paper Linen Silk Mohair Jacket Kit
Kit includes: 1 cone of paper linen, 2 cones of mohair silk and pattern written in traditional Japanese style. This jacket is knit from cuff to cuff and is very lightweight to wear.