Below is an assortment of some of the notions we carry in the store. Our stock is ever changing so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call because we may have it!

Puppy Snips
Pint sized scissors that are made to look like a puppy dog. Comes with a chains so you can attach them to anything. Approved for air travel.

Different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Find the perfect ones for your project.
Various prices

Perl Grey Accessories
Pewter accessories made in Dartmouth, NS. The perfect accent for a knitted piece, or creative jewelry wrapped with yarn from The Fleece Artist or Handmaiden. Please call or email the shop for inventory and prices

Forged Silver Shawl Pins
Available in various shapes and are lightweight enough for the most delicate of pieces. Also available in brass or copper.

Mohair Brush
A brush to liven up those older mohair garments you have. Brush across and watch as it comes back to life.

Elastic Thread
98y per roll. Great for holding with your knitting to give it a little more spring! Great for the brims of hats or the tops of socks!

Point Protectors
Use on single point or double pointed needles to keep your stitches from falling off in your bag or basket.

Coil Knitting Needle Holders
Wrap these around your needles to keep them all together in your bag.

Fork Pins
Great for blocking those oh-so-delicate pieces of lace.

Tapestry Needles
Bent at the end to help you move into your stitch. 2 per pack.

Locking Stitch Markers
Use on your needle or mark a single stitch. 20 in a pack.

Brass Pins
Perfect to use as stitch markers as they have have no coils to tangle your yarn in! Or use them to hang your “Made by” tags.

Sock Blockers
Perfect for the sock enthusiasts out there. A perfect shape every time.

Row Counter
Mark your rows in record time; even have time trials with your friends! Click the top to add a row, dials on the side in case of double click.

Mini Row Counter
Push the button at the top to quickly count your rows as you go. Has a lock at the bottom so you never have to worry about it gaining extra rows in your bag. It also has a spot for a cord so you can wear it around your neck!

Mini Stitch Holders
For those smaller projects, or just when you need to store your project and use those needles for something else.

Double Pointed Needle Protectors
Each sheep pair comes with five holes in the bottom to protect your needles. Small (green) size fits 2mm – 3.75mm while the large (purple) fits 4mm – 6.5mm.

Latch Hook Darning Needles
Great for those super bulky or super thin yarns. Simply open the latch at the top of the needle, hook your yarn through, close the latch and away you go!