The library here at Gaspereau Valley Fibres is ever changing. We have magazines that arrive seasonly covering everything from knitting, to crocheting, spinning, weaving, and even dyeing. If you are looking for a particular title, please call the shop and we would be happy to set it aside for you or put it on order if it is currently out of stock. Below you will find a few examples of the magazines we carry. If uncertain if we have the magazine you are looking for, give us a call and we will happily answer any questions you have!
Wild Fibres is a wonderful, hard-to-find magazine. It covers all aspects of the exotic natural fibres industry, with a focus on sustainability. Interesting stories, beautiful photos – this magazine can let you travel the whole world without leaving your arm chair. 
Rowan Magazine is known for its beautiful, classic designs, and is always in demand. Pair with Rowan yarns for the great knitting experience the designers intended.
Interweave Knits is a sampling of what Interweave press offers with their publications. Beautiful designs all between two glossy covers.
Interweave Crochet is the sister to Interweave Knits. An essential magazine for all those hook using fibre enthusiasts out there!
Piecework is a magazine that does not believe in leaving anyone out. Be it knitting, crocheting, beading, weaving, sewing, this magazine has it all! A little something for everyone.
Handwoven is "a textile travelogue, pattern book, and weave structure textbook, it's a place to discover new patterns, and learn to create original designs."
Knitscene offers fresh, young new designs to try. Great patterns for beginners to intermediate knitters. 
Spin Off is full of fluff. Lots and lots of fluff… and the best part is it tells you what to do with it! Great ideas for beginners all the way to life time spinners. This magazine is a must. 
Knit.wear is Interweave Press' brain child which focuses on conceptual, wearable knits with a clean, modern aesthetic—built in unusual ways and with interesting techniques. Interesting to knit, easy to wear. These magazines never last long in the shop.