Phoenix From The Ashes

Saturday, Nov. 22, Level 1- 9:30 – 12:30. Level 2- 1:30 – 4:30
Lucy Neatby
$40 per session. $70 for 2 sessions.
830 Gaspereau River Road

We are excited to have Lucy Neatby booked to teach two, three hour sessions aimed towards empowering knitters to take control of their craft! The 2 sessions will be geared to reading your stitches and performing simple to advanced rescue operations. Level 1 will be geared for beginners up and level 2 will be useful for intermediate to advanced knitters.

Level 1 – Things are rarely as bad as they seem. Lucy will give you tips for taking stock of a new project and determining whether all is going according to plan. How to rethink and revise, read and evaluate swatches, ladder back, knit downwards, mattress stitch and grafting. When all else fails, tips for ripping back.

Level 2 – Participants must have some knowledge of techniques from level 1; laddering back, knitting down, duplicate stitch, mattress stitch, and grafting. The following techniques will be practiced; converting knits to purls, correcting cables, grafting uneven number of stitches together, surgical replacement of rows, colour blocks and sections, lace corrections and more!

A wool swatch is required for each Level. Your swatch should be knit in a light, 2-ply single-colour smooth yarn in a worsted weight. Cast on 60 stitches and work 3+” of stocking stitch ending on completion of a purl row, cut off yarn and leave stitches on the needle.